£700 raised for charity

A huge thank you for your support!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on charity work that I am participating in, and give a huge thank you to friends / supporters. Up until now, my charity total is £727.72. Certainly not a small amount. To that, I must thank all my friends and family, and other supporters / sponsors too. I’m amazed at how much has been raised so far. It’s quite evenly split between the two charities too. £363 for Macmillan Cancer Support and £364.72 for Heel & Toe Childrens Charity.

Training for the events

The Total Warrior for Heel & Toe is the first event I will be doing, on 23 June. Training for this event is going well. Each week a group of around 10-15 of us meet in a martial arts gym in Hebburn. Our instructor there puts us through our paces but, with targeted training sessions. Geoff knows the kind of agility that we’re going to need and puts together a routine that will help us to be ready on the day.

In addition to this I am using an app on my phone to do a little 15-20 minute routine 3 days out of 4. It’s just a little routine to try and tone up a little across the mid-section. With losing weight it’s a complete saggy, wobbly mess!

Mighty Hike training walks

Training for the Mighty Hike is lacking a little. I’ve done a couple of walks from work in Sunderland back home to Meadow-well. After the second walk though, I picked up some nasty blood blisters on my toes. After that I had been put off a little. I do, however, hope to address the lack of walks over the coming weeks.

Another app I’ve downloaded is the Ordinance Survey app on my phone. For a small subscription fee, the app will give you detail on plenty of recommended walks in the area. I’ve chosen three walks so far and will try and do one per week, choosing some more walks in the coming weeks.

Penshaw Monument

Penshaw Monument

Tomorrow I plan to walk around Penshaw. There’s a 12km walk around Penshaw and the monument, that gives a moderate challenge with some hills. I’ll be tracking the walk using relive, another application that monitors your walks. Afterwards, it’ll create a video of the route taken, with any snapshots that you’ve taken en-route. I’ll be uploading those on here after I’ve completed them.

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