About Me

Well, some of you may well have seen this site before.  In fact, this is now the third major overhaul of the site, with the fourth attempt at losing a significant amount of my bodyweight.

So, what’s happened to me and my journey over the years?

Old photo from work

Caught by surprise at work, before any weight had been lost

It all started back in 2013.  I had decided that I had to lose some weight to be healthy, so that I could enjoy leisure activities with the family.  I was a dangerous weight at the time, suffering with sleep apnoea and also making the family suffer each night and, if something wasn’t done soon then who knows what might have happened.

My first attempt at losing weight was through the NHS.  I had gone to my doctor to see what help the NHS could offer.  The main offering from my doctor was bariatric surgery (gastric bypass), quite a drastic operation but, I was willing to go through with it.  One of the conditions was that I had to show dedication to a lifestyle change and lose 10% of my bodyweight over a 6 month period, following the NHS “Healthy Hearts” programme.  This was a weekly get together of similar minded people, using calorie counting with weekly exercise provided for under the programme.

I must admit, this went well. I lost around 20% of my bodyweight during the 6 month period and, stayed with the programme for 9 months until it was discontinued by the NHS.


An old photograph, from my employers ‘Meet the Team’ page. I’m nearly unrecognisable in that photo

Undeterred, I decided to keep at it but, as it was mid-December, I would go back to it after the Christmas period.  Unfortunately this never happened.

In August 2015, my mother unfortunately passed away.  She had been a keen follower of my dieting and encouraged me every step of the way.  After the funeral, my father asked me if I would re-start my dieting efforts.  Partly in memory of my mother but, also as he had just said his final goodbye to his soulmate and, the last thing he could take was doing the same thing with his son.  This filled me with determination and, together with my partner, enrolled in Slimming World.

Once again, this was a success and, between August 2015 and December 2015 I had lost 3.5 stone.  Unfortunately, at Christmas time again, effort seemed to slack off and I had given up again.

Laid down on a cushion of flab

This photo was taken before I started any kind of weight loss.

After spending another year without any control on my dieting and having my activity levels slump to an all time low, I had decided that enough was enough. I would get Christmas 2016 out of the way, and sign back up with Slimming World and take the journey through to completion.  Through sheer embarrassment I hadn’t restarted the blog up again, as I wanted to be sure 100% that I was sticking with it before writing regular updates.

It’s been a little longer than I wanted to leave it but, 10 months later, I’m still going strong and currently well over 7.5 stone lost from my starting weight of 36 stone 13lb.  I’ve already decided that my Christmas day dinner is going to be Slimming World friendly and won’t stop my efforts until I get to my target weight of 17 stone.

Current Photo

A photograph taken of my on my recent holiday in Turkey

As I’ve only just rebooted this blog on 23rd October and, as I’m now 43 and slightly senile, I can’t remember all the details and emotions from my previous weigh ins even though I do have my progress recorded from day 0.  I’ll keep a record from this point forwards though.  In sharing my progress with the world, I’ll feel more inclined to stick with it.

Feel free to get back in touch with me – either through comments on my site, or using the social media links at the top of the page to get in contact with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.