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Slow Cooking – Ideal when you have a busy day planned

One thing about leading a busy family and work life. We can’t always cook things as and when we need them.  To combat this, sometimes we batch cook. Other times the slow cooker comes out and we can have something simmer away slowly through the day. This barbecue pulled pork recipe is wonderful when you want to have a slow cooking day. Simply put everything in the pot in the morning, it smells wonderful through the day and leaves you with a really tasty dish.

When I first came across this recipe, I was having one of those slow cooker days. The weekend before was a batch cook weekend and, I do like to spend some time with the family. The preparation for this pulled pork recipe is really simple. You start by preparing the sauce, in exactly the same was as for Hunters Chicken, then place in the slow cooker, along with the pork shoulder joint.

I did make one mistake when I made mine the first time though. It was only at the point where I served it when the other half asked what meat I’d used.  Turns out that I had taken a gammon joint out the freezer instead of a pork one! It was still really tasty though.

Not to worry though, it’s the same animal and, I’m a bloke – we can’t always get everything perfect!

Barbecue Pulled Pork

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 10 minutes
Servings 4


  • 1.5-2 kg pork shoulder all fat removed
  • 5 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp mustard powder
  • 500 g passata
  • 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 cloves of garlic crushed
  • 3 tbsp sweetener
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper


  1. In a small bowl, mix passata, Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweetener and seasoning. Transfer to a small pan and simmer for 15 minutes, or until the sauce thickens.
  2. Meanwhile, trim and remove all visible fat from the pork and sear all sides in a hot frying pan. Transfer to a slow cooker coat with the sauce and cook for 6-8 hours on high.
  3. Remove the pork from the slow cooker and place on a cutting board. Allow the meat to cool for approximately 15 minutes, then shred into bite-sized pieces using two forks.
  4. Remove the sauce from the pan and set aside to drizzle on the meat later.

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