First Total Warrior training session

The first training session of an 11 week course for Total Warrior

Well, this Sunday was a bit intense! As you may know, I’ve signed up for doing a Total Warrior assault course. 12km course, 30 obstacles and all of them are gruesome! The charity that I’m running with, Heel and Toe, have arranged training sessions for all of us if we needed them. Believe me, I need all the help I can get! Myself, Hayley and Craig (all from our slimming world group) made a pact to go to each training session together.

It was a decent turnout for the training. We were joined by 9 other people that are running the course.

Wow, what a workout

We were expecting the training to be a little full on but, I think we were blown away by just how full on it was! Back in 2013, I had done some exercise sessions with Healthy Hearts. It’s an NHS initiative to get inactive people doing some exercise and, was combined with some calorie controlled dieting. At the time, I thought those sessions were intense. The warm-up alone for this one though, blew the full healthy hearts session out the water!

After the warm-up, we started the main training programme. I’ll not go into the gory details but, it involved planks, planks with dips, agility training with ladders and weights, ring push ups, sit ups with weights of up to 25kg, and a little boxing.

Needless to say, we were knackered. For 48 hours afterwords, I personally felt like someone had whacked me across the abs with a baseball bat.

Interim training

Obviously, I know that I can’t just rely on these sessions to prepare me for the Total Warrior. Also, I have to survive these weekends for the next 11 weeks! I’ve decided that I need to do a little extra as well to aid my progress. On my phone, I’ve downloaded two apps “Six Pack in 30 days”, and “One You Couch to 5K”. Using both of these, I plan to be able to run a little, and not be quite so sore every weekend when doing these sessions!

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