Four and a half mile round trip walk – Shopping

Ditched the car for a trip to the supermarket

Tesco, Route 1Okay, so doing a shopping trip doesn’t sound like it’s much of an exercise but, this four and a half mile round trip was certainly more challenging than I originally intended. We needed a couple of items for my campfire stew for next week, and for the chocolate brownies for Mondays taster session in our Slimming World group. I thought I would ditch the car for the trip and walk to the supermarket instead. After all, it’s basically only around the corner, it couldn’t be that hard could it?

Well, as it turns out, there were a few challenges along the way. First thing I noticed was that the suggested route took me down a boring main road. For an extra four minutes, there was an old disused railway line, the waggonways, which has a public footpath. This leads to the back of the car park in Tesco. I thought I would take that route, as it would most likely be far nicer.

Challenge One: Dodgy route choice

WaggonwaysThe route itself wasn’t too bad at all, I walked past some other walkers / cyclists and exchanged smiles and hellos. However, when I arrived at Tesco, I realised that instead of being able to access the car park, there is now a ten foot fence, with rather uninviting spikes on top of it! I guess that there must have been thieving / vandalism problems in Tesco, with people then making a getaway on foot / motorcycle.

Not wanting to double back on myself, I carried on along the waggonways, up to the main coast road, across the bridge and back on myself to the front entrance to Tesco.

Challenge Two: Bad shopping decisions

The next challenge was carrying the shopping. I’ve done shopping a few times and tend to carry my rucksack around with me when I have a few bits and pieces to get. However, seeing as I was in a supermarket, I was looking for good buys.

“Oh, this four pack of baked beans isn’t too badly priced, and we’ll certainly use them”

I only needed the one can! After making a few decisions of questionable intelligence along the way, I got through the checkout and realised that my backpack weighed a tonne! Not that it was going to deter me or anything. After leaving the store, I heaved the backpack on, and set off back home. This time, I took the shorter route back along the boring main road. There was no way I was lugging a mass of extra baggage further than I needed to!

All in all, the route that I took clocked up 4.3 miles, although when I got back my back and feet were quite sore from carrying the extra weight. My shopping didn’t weigh anywhere close to 9 stone at all though. God alone knows how I even managed to function before I started my weight loss journey.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be doing one of my farthest walks yet. The walk back from work (Sunderland) to home (North Shields). That will be around 9 miles and should be a fairly good one to get under my belt.

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