Fourth Walk – Just over 8 Miles from work back home

Longest training walk yet – Work back to home

Walk from work back homeToday has been a bit of a tri-fecta of conditions that has allowed me long 8 mile walk. Firstly, the weather is holding good (less than 5% chance of rain). My partner is off most of the day so meal preparation is sorted. Lastly, I’m at work, in Sunderland. Work is around 9 miles walk from home, so this is a good chance to test my mettle with a decent stretch of the legs.

The route is more or less the same as one of the routes that I would drive. From the office near the glass centre I would walk up shields road. Walk through Cleadon, which is a lovely little town and into South Shields. The Tyne Tunnel remains closed to pedestrians for refurbishment though, so I’ll need to cross the river by ferry. When I land back in North Shields, I have a heavy incline to walk up before I arrive on the road back to Meadow Well.  It’s a 7.1 mile walk up to the ferry terminal, then another 1 mile from the ferry terminal back to the house.

A ramp up  from previous walks

So far, I’ve done a number of 5 mile walks, and felt pretty good at the end of them. The only exception being when I was carrying a huge amount of shopping! I’m feeling pretty good about getting this walk completed.

There are a number of small challenges though, although nothing too major. The first one I predict is that I will be doing a large amount of walking, then having a 30 minute break before carrying on, after the trip on the ferry.

The second is that getting off the ferry, I’ll be a little tired, then have a large incline to walk up from the ferry into North Shields. This, however, will be good practise for the hike in July. After all, it’s in the lake district, so will naturally have some ups & downs.

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