Recommitting myself back to Slimming World

Well, the title of this post isn’t entirely true. I’ve been attending group each week so, not quite fell off the wagon with Slimming World as such. However, I’ve been yo-yo’ing for essentially the last 12 months.

As I think I’d mentioned in my previous post, I’d been diagnosed with Angina and a suspected Heart Attack. I was also in Atrial Fibrillation for around 7 months, from January through to July.

In July I was referred for a procedure called a DC cardio-version. An electric shock is passed through the heart to try and knock it back into a steady rhythm. Thankfully this procedure seems to have worked and, whilst I am back in a sinus (steady) heart rhythm I need to keep up with my many medications daily. Whilst I’m no medical expert, I do believe from reading posts in a heart condition facebook group I am in that the medication might be hampering my progress a little.

This is kind of reflected in the results I’ve had. I have continued to float around the same weight since July. I have some good weeks, I sometimes have a couple of good weeks on the trot. Then, I’ll have a bad week and undo the progress that I had made.

Well, this behaviour needs to stop. I’ve decided that, to aid my cause, I need to commit my progress, thoughts and feelings back somewhere. Seeing as I have managed to ignore my blog for a little while, this is a perfect place to start.

It might only be at the weekend, when I have a little spare time from my rather hectic family life but, I’ll make sure that a little time is dedicated to putting an update here. If you do read this, please feel free to drop a comment below. It lets me know that some people do get to read my posts.

With recipes, I had originally intended to put a new recipe up each week when I first started. I think this might be reduced down a little to one per fortnight, maybe even one a month but, at least the pressure will be off a little. Maybe then, I’ll see my blog as a pleasure to write for again, rather than an obligation.

Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for Christmas, and on through 2020. As usual, I will be keeping everyone updated with my progress as I go.

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