Total Warrior- Leeds 2018 – We Smashed It

Wow, that came around quick!

So, Saturday just gone (23rd June), myself and a team of around 90 people travelled to Leeds for Total Warrior.

Giving a helping hand

Total warrior is an assault course. 27 gruesome, challenging obstacles spread over a 12km course. Boy, they weren’t kidding when they said it was gruesome either! It’s designed to test even the fittest people, mentally as well as physically. With obstacles ranging from a trot up and down a relatively step embankment, getting stuck in waist high thick boggy mud, through to getting electrocuted.

It certainly was a tough challenge. The first obstacle was the trot up and down the embankment. On it, there was a lad who had stopped for a rest. I felt like sitting next to him, telling him I know how he felt!! Still, I plodded on.

Things escalated quite quickly from there. I was scaling walls. Well, trying to scale some, and falling off some less than gracefully. Pretty soon after, I was caked in mud after falling over and planting my face in the stuff. It certainly didn’t taste very nice!

Then, came the tough stuff. Leaping over flaming logs, into a pit of water, attempting to shimmy through tunnels that were just too narrow for me, getting electrocuted and falling off monkey bars. It’s the type of stuff that dreams, well, nightmares are made of

The Dirty Threesome, after finishing

Teamwork, makes the dream work

It was quite early on I met a brother and sister that was part of our charity team. Lisa and Louis. We got talking on the way around, laughing with (and at) each other and our misfortunes. More importantly, we stuck together as a little team, encouraging and helping each other out. I nicknamed the team The Dirty Trio which, for laughs, later became The Dirty Threesome.

The bond that we had was a really powerful aid through the day. I’m really glad they were there. We quite often bounced anecdotes off each other which took our minds off what we had just gone through, and what lay ahead.

It was a good job too. I quickly found out that most of the course was relatively slippery and, I was like Bambi on Ice. The amount of falls I had would have been far more painful had there been no one with me to laugh at myself with.

Needless to say, we finished the course. And, thanks to the generosity of everyone, I had nearly £500 raised towards Heel and Toe, a North East charity providing help, support and therapy to children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, as well as other disabilities. The others also raised some staggering amounts towards the charity.

After the event, we’ve stayed in contact too. I’m really please we did as well. They’re a terrific pair of people and I’m glad of any friends that I can make

Nearly done

Would I do Total Warrior again?

On the coach on the way back, I was thinking I’d give it a miss next year. However, after speaking to people back home, a few are wanting to do it again, with me in 2019. So, I’m jumping back on board. 22 June 2019, I’ll be doing the whole insane shebang again, with a bigger tiny team. Lisa and Louis have said they’d join me too. I’m looking forward to it!

Next year though, I’m going for a group of 12. We’ll be the Dirty Dozen!

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2 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    hi, i just came across your hunters chicken recipe, 5 portions cooking in the oven for me, hubby and 3 foster kids so i took a few minutes to read a little of your journey. It sounds like you have real commitment when you follow the plan. i lost 2st 7 in 2016/7 and without leaving the club put 1 st back on on 2018, but though i have struggled a bit this last year, i keep going because we all know what happens if we leave it a while, the weight and a bit more reappears!

    Now as i said I’ve only read a bit but i did notice that xmas is a difficult time for you and i haven’t found a recent post… have you managed to get through it ok this year? if you haven’t, don’t forget, new year, new start! don’t give up. my dinner is nearly cooked and it smells lovely, thanks a lot for your recipe and inspiration x

    • Daryl says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for your comment and for the kind words. Yep, I think Christmas is and always has been a difficult time. My own fault though entirely. I just see everyone having whatever they like and get quite jealous.

      This year was more or less the same. I actually got married in October last year and, between there and January I managed to just about undo all my weight loss in 2018!

      I’ve still been going to group, apart from a couple of weeks leading up to Christmas. Back on it these last 2 weeks with a maintain, and then 5lb off this week (just got back from fat club now)

      Also, I’ll get back into posting. I think this was one of the last posts I made in 2018 and, I know I need to get back into putting some content online. I’ve another 3 charity events this year (2 assault courses and another 26 mile hike) and, in 2019 I’m hoping to be at target so I can do a bungee jump!

      Exciting stuff but, terrifying as I’m petrified of heights!!

      Good on you for your own progress too. 2 and a half stone is an awesome loss. Hope your 2019 is better than 2018 though as well.

      Hunters chicken is one of my all time favourites, although I made the cheeseburger pasta tonight. That’s a really yummy one too. I took it into one of our taster sessions and it’s the first time I’ve walked away with an empty tub.

      Keep up the good work anyhow. I’m sure you’ll do absolutely fantastic xx

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