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Total Warrior - Mud

There’ll be mud

12km assault course with gruesome obstacles

At my slimming world group on Monday, I mentioned about some of the walking that I had done. All leading up to my charity hike in July. As soon as the words left my mouth, the ears on the lady next to me pricked up and, she said that she needed to fill a place on a charity event that she was going to. A Total Warrior course. When I was told about it in summary, my initial reaction contained a few choice words that made the air turn blue!

However, I considered it and after being told that there’s no need to actually run in the course, the obstacles can be navigated around if too challenging, I thought I’d actually give it a go. After all, it’ll certainly be character building for my mighty hike three weeks later!

Total Warrior - Fire

There’ll be fire

This assault course looks to be a monster, with 10 tonnes of ice, 100 tonnes of mud, ponds, climbs, walks, monkey bars, nets and electrocution!

So, once again, I’m looking for sponsorship. Obviously, if you’ve already sponsored me for my mighty hike, I’d never ask you to sponsor again. However, if you would like to sponsor me, I would ask you to consider sponsoring this event, so that I can meet my requirement of £200.

I’m also equipping myself with a go-pro strapped to my head for as much of the event as my battery will allow. Hopefully, I’ll get some superb footage from the event.

The course

Total Warrior - Ice

There’ll be ice

The course is a 12km circuit, around Bramham Park in Leeds. It’s a prestigious setting, a stately home surrounded by rolling hills and woodland.  Altogether there are 25 garish obstacles, involving climbs, hangs, jumps, crawls, mud and a shock or two.

More information on the event can be found by clicking here.


As with the Mighty Hike, I have setup donation pages with both Virgin Money Giving, and Just Giving. Out of the two, Virgin Money Giving would be preferable as they don’t charge the charity for receiving money.

Total Warrior - Climb

There’ll be many climbs!

Please, give generously. It’s a fantastic charity, supporting the local children of the North East and, one that certainly deserves a huge amount of support. 

One of the many other invaluable ways in which you can support me is by sharing this page on Facebook / Twitter, using the links below.

The charity

The charity that I am supporting is a fantastic one, called Heel and Toe. They’re a North East charity providing help and support for disabled children.  The child that I am dedicating my support to is the daughter of one of my friends and fellow Slimming World attendees, called Evie-Jean.

Evie’s Story

Can you imagine being told that your child will never walk, never smile or never talk? This was the terrifying reality for my friend following the birth of her adorable daughter, Evie-Jean.

EJ is three years old has had significant health problems since birth. She has spent many of her days in the Royal Victoria Infirmary including time at the Children’s Intensive Care Unit.

She has a variety of difficulties such as epilepsy, hydrocephalus and respiratory problems meaning she is on a ventilator at night. All of this has left EJ with significant developmental delay. Evie-Jean is also deaf. She is not yet walking and only just starting to communicate.

She has missed out on a lot of things most people take for granted and because of her complex medical needs, she has been struggling to meet her milestones. Despite this, she is amazing. She is always full of smiles and laughter and is adored by those around her.

Evie-Jean accesses services from the NHS, such as physio therapy and occupational therapy however this is not enough to fill the gaps. She has been supported by a charity called Heal and Toe in Durham (Registered Charity Number: 1125695) who support children with a variety of disabilities. Since attending heel and toe she has progressed so much, ‘smashing her goals’ set by the therapists. She has walked the length of a corridor with support in only 6 weeks of intervention – we were told that it was unlikely she would ever walk and eventually took her first independent steps.

I am hoping to raise as much money as I can for heel and toe so they can continue to support Evie-Jean.

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