Weigh In: Day 329

Weight: 28st 5.5lb (397.5lb, 180.30kg).
Result: 1lb gain
Total Loss: 8st 7.5lb (119.5lb, 54.21kg).


Well, the Christmas party at work was a rip-roaring success!

Unfortunately, that also means that my weight loss this week took a little bit of a nose-dive. Having said that, I think that considering the amount of food and drink that was consumed on the night time, that the result could have been far worse.  I’m certainly not down in spirit about the gain at all. It was completely expected and, just means I need to re-focus my efforts over the coming weeks.

However, the coming weeks also pose some challenges. My fiancee’s 40th birthday is this week and, I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to be an on-plan day there.  And, over the coming weeks we obviously have Christmas day, then New Year and, my own birthday is 2 weeks after.

Obviously, I’m going to stick to plan where I can but this is going to be a rough month of gains and tiny losses. Once I get through this, however, 2018 will certainly be conquered!

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