Weigh In: Day 336

Weight: 28st 8.5lb (400.5lb, 181.66kg).
Result: 3lb gain
Total Loss: 8st 4.5lb (116.5lb, 52.85kg).

Well, to be honest I was expecting a bit of a gain this week.

I’d kind of given in to the idea that I would have a bad week as there were two 40th birthday celebrations (both for my partner) and so sabotaged my own efforts for the rest of the week.

Had a birthday buffet on the Thursday as that’s when her birthday was and, also threw a surprise 40th birthday on the Friday. Both had plenty of food, that was consumed in quantity.  I’d also gone off the rails a little through the week though, with 3 takeaway teas and a lot more snacks than I would normally have.

The party was successful mind. She never saw it coming at all, certainly makes the 6-9 months of planning for it all worthwhile.

Anyhow, in group I’ve set myself a target of a 4lb loss for next week, to undo the damage that I’ve done these last two weeks. Hopefully I should be fine achieving it. My car has also just given up the ghost so I’m doing a little more walking than I would normally do. Hey, every little helps with body magic!

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