Weigh In: Day 360

Weight: 29st 0lb (406lb, 184.16kg).
Result: 5.5lb gain
Total Loss: 7st 13lb (111lb, 50.35kg).

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last update of my progress. I had a week where I was under the weather and couldn’t make it to group, then it was Christmas week. 25th December was a Monday, the day that we would normally be weighed. We had the opportunity of a short slot on the Sunday for weigh-in, but I had family over from my home town of Southport. Also, Sunday was Christmas Eve and there’s not much chance of any parent having time to spare the night before the big guy in red pyjamas comes invading your house!

Anyhow, you’ll notice that there was a considerable gain over the Christmas and New Year period. To be honest, I was kind of hoping to stick mainly to plan over the festive time but, as the time came I thought I would rather enjoy a couple of weeks of not prohibiting myself, then pick up the pieces straight after.

So, a Toblerone, bacon sandwiches, takeaways, biscuits, all-you-can-eat buffets and Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, including goose fat for the roast potatoes. You name it, I shoved it in my mouth… For nearly 3 weeks!

Considering how long it was and, how much actually got stuffed into my face, I think the result was actually a small victory. I’m not convinced our consultant would see it that way deep down but still it was nowhere near the 7-10lb gain that I was expecting so I’ll take it as a positive.

From here going forwards, I’m going to be back on plan so going to see just how quickly I can reverse the damage of the last month or so. After all, I feel a bit of a fraud in using the 8.5 stone image for this post but, that’s my most recent award from group. I’ll no doubt be back there in a couple of weeks.

2018, hoping to achieve another 8-8.5 stone loss but we’ll keep our fingers crossed and see.

Next Monday would be the 1 year anniversary of me joining slimming world and I’m hoping to get back to at least 8 stone lost before then. That’s only a 1lb target and should be really easy to do. Anything more than that is a bonus!

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