Weigh-in: Day 287

Weight: 29st 1lb (407lb, 184.6kg).
Result: 4lb Loss
Total Loss: 7st 12lb (110lb, 49.9kg).

Well, I must admit, this Scan Bran challenge thing certainly seems to be doing it’s job pretty well.  I’ve been having Scan Bran every day now for the last two weeks.  The first week saw me get a 4.5lb loss and, this week has been 4lb.

The only trouble is, it’s Scan Bran!  It’s boring as hell and tastes like rather tasteless cardboard.  A few members have suggested various ways in which to disguise it, from breaking it up into little pieces and using it in place of oats with overnight oats, into topping it with various things, such as Ham & Peas Pudding.

The overnight Scan Bran thing was a disaster, it still tasted foul and I wouldn’t have stuck to it if that was my only option.

Ham and Peas Pudding is a good little disguise for it.  Peas pudding is a free food on slimming world, meaning you can layer it on as thick as you want.  And, boy, do I layer it on! Topped with 2 slices of ham, it’s actually a relatively tolerable meal.  It’s really filling and, if you have it for lunch then you’re swapping your lunch for a healthy extra B choice and still filling up.  The results seem to speak for themselves.

Another topping I tried at the weekend is sweetened Quark with Strawberries.  If you’re sweetening your quark, you need to count 1 syn for every tablespoon of sweetener used (I used 3 tbsp. for a full tub of quark).  It’s another really pleasant way to disguise the taste of the little cardboard biscuits!

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