Weigh In: Day 413 – 2.5lb gain

The Result

Weight: 28st 1lb (393.0lb, 178.26kg)
Result: 2.5lb gain
Total Loss: 8st 12lb (124.0lb, 56.25kg)

Bah, so it’s been far too long since my last update. I was actually weighed in last Monday but, it’s now the following Sunday. Part of me just couldn’t find the time to write the update. Another part of me was a little down about the gain.

My week in review

So, the source of the gain? Well, there was a couple of things that led up to it. A birthday celebration and, a house move with a treat meal too. The birthday celebration on Friday meant a meal at the local Italian restaurant, Sambucas. It’s a lovely place to eat and we celebrate all of our birthdays there.

I did actually make some pretty good choices there to limit the damage to the diet. However, the main reason for the gain was over the weekend. On Saturday, we had to finish off a house move for our daughter. As we packed the last of the stuff into the car, she announced that she would take us for a pub lunch as a reward.

However, time was a little short so, we had to go for something quicker – Nandos. I don’t mind so much as I’d never actually had one before. Yep, I was a Nandos virgin! At the back of my mind, I also remembered the general advice for keeping on plan with Nandos – Chicken and Spicy Rice. That’s what I had, although I didn’t see corn on the cob on the menu, so had Coleslaw as the 2nd side.

Later that evening, the seed was planted for a 2nd attempt at a pub meal, although our daughter then bailed on us as she was off out drinking that night. We went to our local Chinese all you can eat buffet, My Shanghai. I think it was here where I lost control a little too much and ended up with the binge that led to my gain.

I did manage to add a new recipe this week though, which I made on Sunday, The KFC Zinger style burger, which is actually delicious!

Next weeks goals

I hadn’t set a target for next week as our visit to group was cut short by my son needing some help back at home. However, I would like to lose the 2.5lb that I had gained.

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