Weigh in: Day 420

The Result

Weight: 27st 12.5lb (390.5lb, 177.13kg)
Result: 2.5lb loss
Total Loss: 9st 0.5lb (126.5lb, 57.38kg)

Well, this week has certainly been an improvement over the previous one, although I’m not quite sure where the 2.5lb loss came from. I mean, I tried my best to be good as I do every week. In the north-east though, we had a bit of a hard time with “The Beast from the East” hitting us hard. There were 2-3 days where the roads were impassable and, shops weren’t doing too good with their supplies, making it slightly more challenging to stay on track.

My week in review

Overall, it couldn’t have been too bad considering the result. I know that, meal-wise, there was one takeaway evening where I had a chicken kebab to try and minimise the fast food damage. Aside from that, most other meals were on plan but, my let-down was snacks. Quite often last week, when putting my son to bed, I’ve “stolen” a bar of chocolate from the treat cupboard for myself. This is on top of my normal syn allowance. I’ve also dipped into the biscuit barrel a little at work on a couple of days. However, I’ve told myself that I need to stop that now!

Meals last week included a Spaghetti Bolognese, a Chilli-con-carne using leftover bolognese sauce, a chicken dinner, a syn free sunday lunch with a slow cooked pork joint, and a new recipe for last week, a half syn Chicken and Mushroom pie.

Next Weeks Target

The weather is back to normal this week, albeit with a little more rain than we’re used to. Also, I don’t have any social things planned. I’ve set a target next week of 3lb. Hopefully I should be able to manage it

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