Weigh in: Day 434 – 6lb loss

The result

Weight: 27st 9lb (387.0lb, 175.54kg)
Result: 6lb loss
Total Loss: 9st 4lb (130.0lb, 58.97kg)

Well, this week was certainly a better result than last week. I hadn’t written about it but, last week saw me with a 2.5lb gain. My target last week was to get that back off again but managed to sail right through it!

However, I don’t think I deserved the result I got though. There were a number of things that happened during the week that could have been better.

My week in review

I decided that last week would be a week where I went right back to basics, writing everything down so that I could manage my syns more effectively. To start off with, the week was a good one, with some meals containing just meat and speed foods. Typically, I would be using around 12-15 syns per day and, was always using my healthy A and B choices. On Wednesday, I walked the farthest I’d ever done, back from my workplace in Sunderland, back home in North Shields. OK, so it didn’t quite go to plan, the South Shields ferry had stopped running by the time I got there, and had to get a lift back home. In all though, it was an 8 mile walk, so still a good distance.

After that though, I started to suffer from lack of organisation and motivation. On Thursday, I had a kebab wrap for tea and, there were a number of times that I had taken a chocolate bar from the snacks that we have for my sons bedtime.

Still, on the whole I tried to limit the damage despite a couple of slip-ups and, a 6lb loss is something that I’m over the moon with.

In group, one of our members learned of my upcoming Mighty Hike, and said that she’s doing a Total Warrior course in June. One of her group has had to drop out, and so there is a paid for space that needs to be filled. Not sure it’s the smartest move ever but, I’ve volunteered to make the team complete again. That’s on June 24th, so I had better get in a slightly better shape, and fast!

Target for Next Week

Well, at the minute, I’m at a 9 stone 4lb loss. Next week, I’ve set myself a 3lb target, which will give me my 9 and a half stone award. I have another walk home from work planned again this week, on Thursday (where the ferry runs for an extra 3 hours). I think 3lb should be achievable but, will post and keep you all informed next week.

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