Weigh In: Day 441 – half pound loss

The result

Weight: 27st 8.5lb (386.5lb, 175.31kg)
Result: 0.5lb loss
Total Loss: 9st 4.5lb (130.5lb, 59.20kg)

Well, this week didn’t quite go to plan. I started off OK, with having meals that were pretty much on plan for the first half of the week. I even had quite a bit of activity, with an eleven and three quarter mile walk home from work.

I think I got a little too complacent with the exercise I’d done though. I felt a little invincible, made a couple of silly choices and undone just about all the gains I’d made from being active.

My week in review

Monday to Wednesday were good days. I’d stayed 100% on plan, and kept will within my syns. On Thursday, I managed a walk back from work. A whopping eleven and three quarter miles as the ferry was running back to North Shields.

Things started to go wrong on Friday. I was tired from my walk, aching all over and had blood blisters on my toes! Needless to say, I was feeling sorry for myself. There were a couple of biscuits at work that I’d smacked on and had a little extra chocolate at home.

Saturday started off well, but my partner was meant to be going out for a pub meal with her co workers. That turned into a drinking session without food, so she came home and suggested going out for a meal.

Then it all went wrong

We went to the cinder path in South Shields, and tried a mixed tandoori grill to keep things sensible. Still, a little damage was done.

Sunday was a bit more of a flop though. We had decided to take our son to a new soft play area in Walkergate. Realising that it would be about lunchtime, and that my son would want food their I decided to have my on-plan lunch beforehand. That went well initially but, I saw that the soft play area served salads. I rather greedily ordered a ham salad and, it came with Nachos and Coleslaw, which I ate most of.

Still, for the first time ever though, I managed to run around the soft play with my little man, like an idiot. That certainly did please me quite a lot!

That evening my partner was at work for a while, I’d made an on-plan meal for myself for tea but,  the other half wanted to have a Chinese munch-box for her tea after work. What I didn’t realise was that this was a 12″ pizza box full of heavenly Chinese food, which she couldn’t eat all of. Once again, being a bit of a pig, I helped her out!

All in all though, it was still a loss, even if it was only half a pound. I’m thankful for that at least!

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