Weigh In: Day 448 – 6lb Loss (9.5 stone award)

The result

Weight: 27st 2.5lb (380.5lb, 172.59kg)
Result: 6lb loss
Total Loss: 9st 10.5lb (136.5lb, 61.92kg)

Wow, what a week that was. I had really been hoping to get my 9 and a half stone certificate. When I walked into the hall, I was praying to the slimming gods that I had lost 2.5lb.

I’d stepped on the scales, screwed my face up a little in anticipation and saw the result, a whopping 6lb loss! I was totally over the moon! Even more-so as I’m quite close to my 10 stone certificate now!

My week in review

I must admit, I’ve not been the best person in the world at recording how my week had been. However, I do know that I’d stuck to plan though, pretty rigidly. The only real slips were:

Wednesday, where our company gave each of the staff an Easter egg. I had been good so decided to treat myself. Normally, I would take this home for the kids but, this time I scoffed the lot!

Friday, my father was up for the weekend and whilst I was determined to be good, we did have a Chinese takeaway in the evening. However, I had beef in black bean sauce with boiled rice, to limit the damage.

Also on Friday though, our tradition is to have fish & chips for lunch, being good Friday. Rather than use a whole pile of syns on a chippy takeaway, I made some steamed cod, with a chilli sauce and oven baked potato slices with plenty of speed veg. I heated this up and ate it whilst the family were queuing for their takeaway. On Easter Sunday, instead of having any Easter eggs, my partner bought me some Alpen Light bars. I had two of these for my healthy B choice, and an extra two for 7 syns. A lot better than the 80ish syns that the egg would have had!

New recipe

Also this week, with my dad being over, I thought I’d take a gamble on a new recipe. I’ve had the Slimming World lasagne before and enjoyed it. However, I have my own bolognese sauce recipe but didn’t have a decent recipe for the white sauce. I combined the two recipes to make a really tasty syn free lasagne. It came out really well – even the kids, who generally don’t touch Slimming World meals all loved it.

Next week

Needless to say, my goal for next week is simple, lose the 3.5lb required to get my 10 stone certificate

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