Weigh in: Day 455 – 1lb gain

The result

Weight: 27st 3.5lb (381.5lb, 173.05kg)
Result: 1lb gain
Total Loss: 9st 9.5lb (135.5lb, 61.46kg)

Well, this week was a little bit deflating if I’m totally honest. I thought that the week had been quite a good one, mostly on plan. When I arrived at the hall, I was quite excited. I had 3.5lb to lose to get my 10 stone award and, was pretty sure I had nailed it.

However, when I stepped on the scales, I was greeted with a gain of 1lb!

Now, I’m not one to remain disappointed for long. Our consultant and, the wonderful group members were also superb at reassurance. Between us, we decided that there were a number of factors that contributed towards this result.

Firstly, there is the time of day. Last week, being Easter Monday, I checked in at 9am. The consultant at our group has this session open, so that people can spend the day with the kids. My normal weigh-in time is 7:30pm. Now, there’s not going to be a huge amount of weight fluctuation through the day but, that would explain a bit.

Next, there’s exercise. In preparation for the Total Warrior challenge that a few members are doing, there has been training sessions made available to us. Our first one was on the previous day and, it was intense! When exercising, your body builds muscle up and retains water to speed the process. This would also explain a little of the gain.

Lastly, on reflection, I hadn’t been as careful as I could have been with tracking my syn consumption. I could well have over-eaten and not known it. My meals were pretty much on plan though so can’t blame them.

Next week

Well, next week I am determined to get to this 10 stone award. Following my 1lb gain, that now means that I have 4.5 lb to lose. I’m regressing back a little this week to almost being at new starter status. This week, I’ll be recording everything, taking photographs of all meals and not leaving meal preparation to the last minute. I’ll also be ditching soft drinks for water and keeping regular small amounts of exercise up so that I’m hopefully not retaining quite so much water.

My determination is strong this week and, I’m certain that I will see myself with this 10 stone award.

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